Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Craft Challenge - Day 6

Sorry its a bit late again today but I have a good excuse - I had to go and do the grocery shopping today and then put it all away which led to cooking and other domesitc goddess chores. 

I couldn't resist the pained looks of hunger from my starving family any longer so my crafting had to come second for a change lol. (Honest I'm not quite that bad).

I'm a bit over all the hand sewing I've been doing to late, so I thought I would put my needle and thread aside and pull out some paper for a nice change. 

Today I made Origami Wreaths from the Christmas Issue of Better Homes and Gardens. For a change I followed the instructions to the letter... shocking I know... but to be honest the end product was a little disappointing size wise. So in true Mythbuster fashion, I decided to ramp it up a little. Instead of using centimetres as the measurement base, I used inches and the difference was amazing as you will see from the picture below.

The small wreath used less than half a 12 x 12 sheet of scrapbook paper, while the larger wreaths each used 2 sheets. It is all folded with no glue to hold it all together so you do need to be careful that the wreath isn't knocked too hard otherwise it can easily skew out of shape. I am tempted to glue it a little so it stays where it is supposed to but then that would defeat the whole concept of Origami.

I know the papers aren't that festive, but in looking through my stash (cos not allowed to buy anything new) I really didn't have that many Christmas papers at all and those I did have weren't really that suitable. Note to self: Next year buy more Christmas themed patterned paper.

Anyway here they are in all their glory.

Patterned Paper (Small - Scissor Sisters Sepia Script; Large White - Scissor Sisters White Script; Large B/W - It Takes Two Crumpled Paper Black and White); Bone Folder; Inks (Tsukineko - Versa Color Evergreen & Raspberry; Brilliance Rocket Red); Holly Stamp from Rubber Bandit; Tree Swirl unknown; Kindy Glitz Hot Pink; Bling; Crop-o-dile.

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Queen T said...

Cute - I may have to go buy that mag. And BIG THANK YOU for my heart - its taking proud of place on my tree and I have had many comments about it already (I think I may start claiming it as my own work if I get too many more comments - lol)